Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Neiman Marcus Cookies

This is probably the best recipe I have to share. There is a great story behind this one. I got an email about 5 years ago that said PLEASE READ in the tag line, that is usually a definite delete for me but for some reason I opened it and read it. It said, I am a mom of 2 that took a trip to NY and ate lunch at Neiman Marcus cafe. We love the cookies they make so much that I was bragging to the waiter about how good they were, he said you can buy the recipe for one-fifty. So I did. She charged the lunch to her credit card and didn't think anything about it. When she got her cc bill the next month she couldn't believe the charge from N.M. she called them and after explaining everything she got they informed her that the cookie recipe was $150 not $1.50 like she thought. She told them she would send the recipe back that she did not have the money to pay that for the recipe and they told her no refunds so she mass emailed the recipe out to everyone she knew and asked for it to be passed on! So I am! It is the best cookie recipe you will ever taste...no joke. It is somewhat difficult (or time consuming rather) but it is well worth it and you'll get about 130 cookies out of the batch. So be sure and try them sometime.


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