Monday, June 29, 2009

Chex Muddy Buddies

Cheesecake Cookie Cups

Mary's Carmel Corn

My dear friend Mary gave me this GREAT recipe. This stuff is so yummy it's really great to make around the holidays and give as presents.

Broccoli Rice Casserole

Berry Jello Ring

I started making this dessert because I was looking for something that didn't have any flour in it because my MIL Patty has siliac and this is what I came up with, turns out that it's a really great dessert. It can be altered for holidays to match the season by changing the jello you use!

Aussie Chicken

This chicken is delicious. When I make it I fix twice baked potatoes and corn usually. It's a really different way to fix chicken.

Sweet Ambrosia Salad

This is a really good recipe for a simple dessert. I hate sour cream but I had this salad and didn't know that it had sc in it and really liked it so I guess I do like sc a little.

Citrus Sherbet Pie

This recipe is to die for. It can be made low cal very easily and it only took 10 minutes to put together ( you have to freeze it for a couple hours ) but it is perfect for a summer snack!

Double click on image to make it bigger. To print right click on it select "save image as" and then direct it to your desktop. Once it saves open it on your pc and print. I have it sized to a 4x6 card so it should print out sized to stick in your recipe box.